Here is a list of features of the current Cubicle release.

  • Core
    • Framework built on Spring.
    • Pluggable application mechanism.
  • Database
    • Makes use of Hibernate 3.
    • Embedded JPA annotations support for domain objects.
    • Automatic transaction support on services.
    • Database maintenance service to create, drop or update schemas.
    • Data injection with XML files.
  • User management
    • Support for domains and user groups.
  • Security
    • Service security by annotations.
    • Role security (for users and user groups).
    • Domain object security.
  • Web
    • JSF support (integration and helpers).

In the road map...

Here is a list of features that will be implemented in future releases

  • ACL support on domain objects.
  • Search engine.
  • CMS (Content Management System).